The Rabbit Dachshund Smooth-haired

Rabbit Dachshund Smooth-haired: Smart
Smart: Rabbit Dachshund Smooth-haired

The Rabbit Dachshund Smooth-haired (german Kaninchenteckel Kurzhaar or Kaninchendackel Kurzhaar) belongs to the breed of Dachshunds (also called Teckel or Dackel). The term Rabbit Dachshund refers to the size of the dog and Smooth-haired refers to the kind of coat. The Rabbit Dachshund is the smalest exponent of the breed of Dachshunds wich is defined in FCI-St No. 148.

History of Dachshunds

The Dachshund, also called Teckel or Dackel, has been known since the Middle Ages.

From the "Braken", dogs were consistantly bred which where especially suitable for hunting below ground. From these short legged dogs, the Dachshund evolved and was recognised as one of the most versatile and useful breeds of hunting dogs. It also has exellent achievments above ground, hunting while giving tongue, searching and trackng wounded game. The oldest Club devoted to the breeding of Dachshunds is the "Deutsche Teckelklub 1888 e.V." founded in 1888. For decades the Dachshund has been bred in three sizes (Standard Dachshund, Miniature Dachshund and Rabbit Dachshund) and in three different kinds of coat (Smooth-haired, Wire-haired and Logn-haired).

Genereal apperance of Dachshunds

The Dachshund has a low, short legged, elongated but compact build and is very muscular with cheeky, challenging head carriage and an alert facial expression. Its general appearance is typical of his sex. In spite of its legs beeing short in relation to the long body, the Dachshund is very mobile and lithe. 

Character of Dachshunds

The Dachshund is friendly by nature, neither nervous nor aggressive, with even temperament. It is a passionate, perserving and fast hunting dog with an excellent nose and is very suited as family dog, becouse of its friendly character.

Colour of Dachshuns

Ther are Dachshunds (also called Teckel or Dackel) which are whole-colored, two-colored or Tiger-brindled (also called dappled or brindled).

Whole-coloured Dachshunds are red, reddish yellow or yellow, all with or without interspersed black haires. The nose and nails are black.
Two-coloured Dachshunds are deep black or brown, each with tan or yellow markings (Brand). The nose and nails of black dogs are black and those of brown dogs are brown.
Tiger-brindled (also called dappled or brindled) Dachshunds always have a dark basic colour (black, red or gray) and irregular grey or beige patches. Neither the dark nor the light colour is predominant. Nose and toenails are the same as with whole-coloured and two-coloured Dachshunds.

Rabbit Dachshund Smooth-haired

The Rabbit Dachshund Smooth-haired (also called Kaninchenteckel Kurzhaar or Kaninchendackel Kurzharr) on the one hand stands out due to its size and weight. It has a maximum circumference of chest from 30 cm at the age of 15 month and weighs about 3.8 kg. On the other hand the Rabbit Dachshund Smooth-haired stands out due to its short, dense, shiny and smooth fitting hair.